Transition Success

Transition Success for Independent Business Owners with Myriad Advisor Solutions

Stop right now and ask yourself – how do I start my own business? The answer is nothing short of overwhelming. You must consider taxes, real estate, entity structure, insurance, IT equipment, marketing, human resources, your website, and telecom services. And that is BEFORE the monumental task of acquiring new customers, designing & providing a value-added product, and servicing existing clients you already have. Becoming an independent business owner is no small feat.

But Myriad Advisor Solutions was pioneered to alleviate those anxieties. We break down the process into clear, actionable objectives you can follow to become a truly independent business owner. A transition project manager travels in lockstep with you to be your on-call resource throughout all steps of the process. The key is frequent communication.


Then, we move into 3 Transition Phases, which allow you to take control of the important details while keeping the process on track. These will be kept to a timeline to keep it orderly, while still allowing for flexibility where it is needed.


Becoming an independent business owner can undoubtedly seem like an anxious decision, but it doesn’t have to be with Myriad Advisor Solutions. Think of it this way - when your hair gets too long, you go to the salon. When your engine light comes on, you go to the auto shop. And when you’re thinking, “how can I start my own business?”, you go to Myriad. Call 515.850.1212 to start this momentous process!