Cybersecurity: Phishing Attacks Through Email

October 4th, 2023 | Myriad Advisor Solutions

From fake social media accounts, to fake email links, hackers are doing whatever they can to trick people into giving away their information. It’s not just individuals who are at risk – hackers also regularly target large corporations! Myriad Advisor Solutions has helped countless entrepreneurs create a fortified apparatus designed for cybersecurity. Here are some of our best practices for staying alert for e-mail ‘phishers.’

Realistic-Looking Fakes

The goal of phishing attacks is to trick the user into clicking links that are fake - but look realistic. From there, the user will login, providing all their credentials to the hacker. Hackers will either indirectly use this information for access to different areas of your life – or abuse it directly. Many of these fake information submission forms are set up to look like commonly-used software such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and other file-sharing platforms.

Utilizing Public Information

In the early stages of phishing, hackers will use publicly available profiles to find out as much information as possible about their targets. This unfortunately includes their professional and personal contacts as well. According to the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre), many of these types of hacking campaigns are based in Russia and Iran. While there is no (suspected) coordination or collusion between the two, their tactics are similar in that they target personal emails. In addition to targeting personal emails, these hackers take time to build rapport with their victims. Instead of sending a nasty link right away, they take time to build trust to make it seem like they’re trustworthy.

Trust Takes Time

Email phishers can be so dangerous because they will take the time necessary to build trust. Once that trust has been established, hackers will send the malicious link disguised in a document or a site that is relevant to the user. The moment users open the link, it redirects them to a server that the hacker controls. Once hackers have control, they are able to expose and exploit one’s personal information.

The Neverending Battle

It's important to be aware of the ever-changing tactics hackers are using to exploit personal information. However, that doesn’t always mean it will be easy. Fortunately, Myriad can help you stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity tactics and provide resources that will protect you from digital attacks! Call us at 515.850.1221 or click here to help protect yourself today!