Myriad’s Top 2024 Marketing Predictions for FA’s

December 27th, 2023 | Myriad Advisor Solutions

2024 brings financial advisors everywhere a fresh set of goals to meet. As a premier solution for every aspect of an advisor’s marketing apparatus, Myriad Advisor Solutions is here to make sure they are set to meet those goals. Start by paying attention to our top marketing predictions for FAs in 2024.

1. Increased Emphasis on Digital Marketing. As the world becomes more interspersed with digital connections, financial advisors are likely to continue shifting their marketing efforts toward online channels. Partner with Myriad and leverage social media platforms, content marketing, and online advertising to engage with a broader audience.

2. Personalized Content and Client Education. The hard truth is generic content is so common that it’s become incredibly easy for eagle-eyed users to pick out and gloss over. With an increasing focus on client experience, financial advisors may invest more in creating personalized content and educational materials. Myriad can involve the use of data analytics to help financial advisors understand clients’ needs better, enabling advisors to tailor their communication and content to address specific financial concerns and goals.

3. Rise of Virtual Events and Webinars. While slightly abating since the pandemic, the trend towards virtual communication and remote work will continue to be a part of the financial services industry. Financial advisors may increasingly use webinars, virtual workshops, and online events to connect with clients and prospects. These platforms provide an opportunity to share expertise, address common concerns, and engage with audiences in real time. Not sure where to start? Myriad makes it easy to ideate, plan, and produce content for all kinds of virtual events!

4. Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation. Adopting AI can help financial advisors analyze data to identify trends, automate routine tasks, and personalize client interactions. Automation technologies wrote this blog and are expected to play a more significant role in marketing strategies for financial advisors. Chatbots, for example, may become more prevalent for handling initial client inquiries.

5. Rise of Video Content. There’s no doubt - video content is expected to remain a dominant force in digital marketing. Financial advisors can work with Myriad to leverage video content in 2024 for client education, market updates, and personalized messages. Live streaming, webinars, and interactive video content could become popular ways for advisors to engage with their audience and showcase their expertise.

6. Enhanced Data Security Messaging. Anyone on Myriad’s tech team can tell you - financial advisors need to prioritize and communicate robust data protection measures given the industry’s increasing focus on data privacy and security. Myriad helps FA’s craft marketing messages that emphasize the secure handling of sensitive financial information, utilizing advanced encryption technologies, and compliance with data protection regulations. Trust in data security is becoming a crucial factor in attracting and retaining clients.

Myriad Advisor Solutions has been assisting financial advisors in continually adapting their marketing strategies based on industry trends, technological advancements, and evolving client preferences for nearly 15 years. Contact us at or call 515.850.1221 to stay informed and help ensure success in the dynamic field of financial advisory services!