Future Proofing Against Phishing Attacks

October 1st, 2023 | Leigh White

In my role as CTO at Myriad Advisor Solutions, I hear a lot from our clients about scammers trying to deceive them and their staff with phishing requests for things like gift cards and critical access information. Often disguising themselves as a boss or a member of upper management, these phishing attempts can often look sophisticated enough to deceive employees long enough to get critical information.

The good news is there’s an easy way to help ‘future proof’ yourself against these kind of attacks. Taking a cue from zero-trust security, implement a policy where any request received by a staff member must be approved by an appropriate party (President, CEO, Compliance, etc.). That way, an employee can simply reply “I will contact our compliance or CTO officer per our office policy to assist you. How would you like to be contacted?” Nine out of ten times, that will be the end of your trouble with that particular scam artist.

This is just one of the best practices you can implement to strengthen your practice against bad actors. Myriad has the training and tools you need to shore up every aspect of your critical digital infrastructure. E-mail or 515.850.1221 call to start today!