Safeguard Your Holiday Season!

November 15th, 2023 | Myriad Advisor Solutions

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, Woozy Wednesday – there’s no shortage of opportunities to digitally shop till you drop this holiday season. Myriad Advisor Solutions has gathered these critical tips to safeguard your online shopping experience by following these cyber security practices!

Utilize secure connections - Whether you're at your favorite coffee shop or out on the town, avoid making purchases over public Wi-Fi. Instead, use a VPN or your phone's hotspot. If you’re able to join a wireless network without it requiring a password, it is not secure!

Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Strengthen account security with multi-factor authentication, incorporating tools like biometrics or one-time codes

If an online offer seems too good to be true, it probably is! - Stay skeptical of exclusive, one-time-only offers and stick to trusted online retailers.

Pause and consider before you make that click - Exercise caution with emails, refraining from opening messages from unknown senders or clicking on suspicious links.

HTTPS! - Ensure secure transactions by shopping on sites with SSL protection, identified by "https" in the URL. If a web address uses only “http,” be wary! Usually, your web browser of choice will warn you of such sites, and it’s for good reason.

Keep an eye on your accounts - Stay proactive in monitoring financial accounts for any unusual activity and take advantage of alert services offered by banks and credit card companies.

While it is important to consistently follow these guidelines in your day-to-day, the holiday season makes this especially crucial. With increased online shopping and digital transactions, the threat of cyber-attacks escalates. Implementing measures such as secure Wi-Fi usage, multi-factor authentication, and cautious online behavior helps protect against potential scams and unauthorized access.

Being vigilant and proactive in adopting these practices ensures a safer and more secure online experience, shielding individuals from cyber threats and potential financial losses during the festive season. Call Myriad at 515.850.1221 or click here to start exploring the ways Myriad Advisor Solutions can help safeguard your cybersecurity, digital networks, and physical spaces!