Website Redesign: Seventy2 Capital

February 24th, 2023 | Abby Kruse King

If people need expert advice about retirement or investing, they go to you. But when you need specialist advice on websites, you come to Myriad.

You may visit dozens, if not hundreds, of websites a day without realizing it. If you’re reading this, you’re on a website right now. It may seem trivial, but having a good website could be a deciding factor for potential business partners and clients.

Websites are for information, but they’re also for making an impression and branding. That’s why they came to Myriad when Seventy2 Capital needed a new website. And they are glad they did!

“I would say the page we’re most excited about is our homepage – between the new look and the updated content to better reflect who we are as a firm, that page best tells our story.” -Kaitlyn Jones-Powe, MBA

Our graphic designer put in many hours on this project. When asked to give her favorite page of the website, she replied:

“I am most proud of my work on the “Our Team” page. How I’ve designed it out has successfully made it easy to navigate their six locations with 50+ team members. Plus, they’ll be able to add to it as they continue to grow- all things that they requested.” -Ashley Bates

Now equipped with a shiny new website, Seventy2 Capital continues to grow! Don’t let your website hold you back from your goals.

Check out the website here
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