The Top 4 Video Content Ideas for Financial Advisors

May 22nd, 2023 | Nicole Toppin

In the digital age, business owners everywhere are turning to social media platforms to reach their audience. Videos have slowly become one of the most powerful and effective marketing content ideas for entrepreneurs – especially financial advisors. Not only are they memorable, but viewers retain 95% of a message that’s delivered in a video format1. Myriad Advisor Solutions has helped countless financial advisors craft videos of all kinds. We recommend every financial advisor starts creating video content. If you don’t know where to start, Myriad suggests you consider these four types of videos.

  • Background/Get-to-know-you: Service professionals know - relationships with clients are the most important thing. Establishing trust with your clients at the start of the relationship is key. Creating get-to-know-you videos allows customers to get to know the real you, which in turn, establishes trust.

  • Informational: Creating information-based content will allow you to show your expertise and establish credibility with your audience. You could include frequently asked questions or popular topics in your industry. Other topics could include Q&As, animated infographics, core industry information, or market updates.

  • Testimonial: Two-thirds of customers are more likely to engage in a professional service after reading or watching a testimonial2. Testimonials can effectively communicate client experiences, build credibility, and establish trust. It’ll show clients what it’s like working with you and allows them to see your work ethic through others’ perspectives. Different types of testimonials include client reviews, 3rd party reviews/ratings, client interviews, and case studies.

  • Evergreen: Content that is timeless or can be utilized at any given time is considered evergreen. Additionally, evergreen content is search-optimized because it stays relevant and fresh for readers over extended periods of time3. This type of content can show clients consistency with your marketing efforts and prove you’re not going away any time soon. Types of evergreen content can include holiday greetings, tax season tips, birthday wishes, work anniversaries, or responses to market changes.

If you want to create video content but don’t know where to start, email to learn more about video content creation and how we can help! Also check out our Best Practices for Recording Video for more tips on how to get started!

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