Top Webinar Tips for Financial Advisors

April 25th, 2023 | Nicole Toppin

As a financial advisor, you’re inviting prospective clients to trust you with their financial future. It’s not just about the dollars & cents though – you must showcase both your proficiencies and personality. Webinars are a notable way to give prospects the opportunity to engage on a deeper level and build a sense of familiarity. Furthermore, referrals are still the #1 source for bringing new clients in for financial advisors. Utilizing webinars not only helps with developing face-to-face relationships, but also provides a way for referrals to get to know you in a low-stress environment. Here are four tips to get you started:

  1. Choosing Your Webinar Topic
  2. Picking a compelling topic for your webinar is half the battle. Don’t overthink it - you know your clients and their pain points; you are familiar with how they manage their money. What is something that would speak to them? Do they find this topic interesting? Would they invite their friends or family?

    You could also ask your clients what topics they’d like to learn more about. Testing your topics with polls or posts on social media is another option. This way, you’re able to see which topic gets the most engagement. It’s less commitment, and the feedback is natural.

  3. Promoting Your Webinar
  4. One of the hardest components of hosting a webinar is promoting it. Key resources that you can use to promote your webinar include:

    • Registration Link + Page: Every webinar needs a base where people can register for the event. You can make it simple, but Myriad recommends including information about the event.
    • Registration Tracking: Utilizing your CRM to create a registration form helps track registrants and determine what topics people are most interested in.
    • Confirmation Email: Confirmation e-mails are the standard for any prospect or client who registers for the event. This also helps them save-the-date and further informs them about the event.
    • Reminder Emails: Creating 2-3 emails that promote your webinar will aid in reminding your clients of the event. This could include general reminders about the webinar or sneak previews of the content that will be covered.
    • Promotional Graphics: Creating 2-3 emails that promote your webinar will aid in reminding your clients of the event. This could include general reminders about the webinar or sneak previews of the content that will be covered.
    • Invitation Video: We know talking to a camera can feel weird sometimes. However, face-to-face communication is a great way to connect with your current and potential attendees in promoting your webinar.

  5. Strategies for Hosting Your Webinar
  6. There are many different ways to deliver a webinar. The common platforms are Zoom, GoTo Webinar, EverWebinar, WebinarJam, however be sure to double-check with compliance for their approval. Here are some ideas we recommend:

    • PowerPoint Slides: No matter what the delivery method, having visuals to show your viewers will allow your audience to follow along with the presentation.
    • Live Webinars: This option is the most common when people think of webinars. Your presentation will be live and audience members can ask questions in real-time.
    • Pre-Recorded Webinars:Pre-recorded webinars are a great option if you’d prefer not to present live. There are fewer moving parts, and you can re-record for a better presentation if needed. This webinar is still shown at a scheduled time, and you can incorporate live chat features for Q&A’s to increase interaction.
    • On-Demand Webinars: On-demand webinars follow the same protocol as pre-recorded webinars. The only difference is your audience can watch the recording at their leisure.

    Bonus Tip: Myriad recommends connecting with service providers like CPA’s or Estate Lawyers that you recommend to clients to co-host webinars. Everybody wins – you double your audience in a trusted environment and establish trust among prospects in your co-host’s audience!

  7. Post-Webinar
  8. So, you’ve successfully hosted a webinar– congrats! As the host, it’s now important to communicate any next steps for audience members. Here are some options you can implement for webinar follow ups:

    • Clear call to action in your webinar: While the contents of the webinar are valuable in and of itself, a clear call to action should be mentioned at the beginning, middle and end of the webinar. This will increase the chance that audience members to either become clients or add services.
    • Send a thank you email with resources: Sending thank you emails to your clients who attended the webinar is a great way to add a personal touch to your event, as well as further establishing trust among you and your clients. An effective follow-up is all about continuing to add value to your client’s decision to participate. This could affect their decision to continue doing business or the possibility of future events.
    • Upload the webinar to your website’s archive page: Regardless of the type of webinar you do, it’s a smart idea to upload previous recordings of webinars that you’ve held. They’re a great resource for your clients and easy content to re-post on socials in the future.
    • Engage with clients who didn’t attend the webinar: Don’t let busy schedules get in the way of creating value for your clients. Making your webinar more accessible after the event will engage people and potentially persuade them to attend future events.

All in all, there a lot of moving parts that go into webinars. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. Myriad has hosted and facilitated countless webinars for our clients, and we can help you do the same! Call 515.850.1226 or e-mail to start reaching more prospects today!