Rejuvenate Your Wellness in 2024

December 27th, 2023 | Continuum Advantage

When you boil them down, New Year's Resolutions typically are about wellness. Whether we set professional, mental, physical, or financial resolutions, they are usually all related to bolstering one aspect of our overall personal wellness. As we kick off 2024 strong, Continuum Advantage wanted to share some of the different ways you can improve your wellness – whether you’re making New Year’s Resolutions or not!

Professional Wellness – No matter what the size of your professional network, exploring new spaces to grow is always a smart idea. The New Year is a great time to gather more information about that local professional organization you’ve been meaning to join. Since you’ll be out making new connections, take a second to update your LinkedIn profile. (Pro Tip: E-Mail to press the easy button on your LinkedIn and all the rest of your digital marketing needs.) What about employee wellness? Continuum Advantage can help work through any managerial issues you might be experiencing.

Mental + Emotional Wellness – Work-life balance has become a rightful buzzword to both employees and employers everywhere. Those in the sandwich generation, for example, must balance a litany of priorities for both their aging parents and growing children. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) can help guide you through some of the more difficult tasks involved, like creating legacy documents and health directives. Those connected to Continuum Advantage’s network can visit online with company code ‘Principal Core’ or call 800.450.1327 to learn more about how our EAP can help with your work-life balance!

Physical Wellness – In addition to considering the (admittedly stereotypical) ‘exercise & diet’ resolutions, explore the preventative care options in your health insurance plan . While it’s easy to fall into a ‘use-it-when-you-need-it’ mentality with health insurance, preventative check-ups can not only save you a lot of potential medical hassle but also help mitigate future hospital and treatment bills.

Financial Wellness – No matter where you are on your journey to retirement, it’s always a good time to get in the habit of checking in on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Your 401(k)’s administrator has professionals and resources on hand to answer questions you may have about contribution limits and the different investments available to choose from. Empower is that resource for those in Continuum Advantage’s network – visit or call their Financial Client Service department at 800.338.4015.

While it’s great to consider these kind of ideas in January, Continuum Advantage hopes you prioritize your wellness in all aspects of life throughout 2024. What are your best ideas for wellness? Visit us on LinkedIn and let us know!