4 Business Models: Registered Investment Advisor

February 9th, 2022 | Luke Roth

Myriad Advisor Solutions breaks down the process of independent business ownership into actionable objectives to help you realize your dream. Financial advisors who are interested in going independent have different models to consider, like Registered Investment Advisor.

For example: Johnna Money is tired of the constraints put upon her as a bank representative. She’s told what to say, what to sell, and her earnings are capped. She wants to take the reigns in her career and her life by incorporating the following into her business:

  1. Complete independence in her chosen offerings
  2. Seizing maximum control over the risks – and the rewards
  3. Designing her business’s services the way she wants
  4. Providing advice in the best interest of her clients

Johnna prefers providing advice and is seeking total independence, so she chooses to be a Registered Investment Advisor. This is not a decision made lightly – the quality of the advice, the level of service and the overall trajectory of the business are all in Johnna’s direct control. Thankfully she isn’t alone - from securing an office space to establishing her brand, Myriad is in lockstep with Johnna during her transition period to independence.

After a successful transition period, Johnna Money Wealth Management launches as a fully independent RIA. As an investment advisor, Johnna is able to maximize utilization of the market offerings from different vendors for investment solutions, reporting compliance, security and customer relationship management. Johnna joins Myriad’s Advisor Club to solve her technology fulfillment, brand marketing and human resources needs.

Johnna isn’t real, but if you’ve got a real desire to own your practice and take control of your future, get in touch with Myriad today!