5 Questions To Ask Before Redesigning Your Website

April 6th, 2022 | Luke Roth

Your website is your most important digital asset – full stop. It’s the first place a prospective client might discover you. On the other hand, it might be the last place a prospect goes before deciding to take their business elsewhere. You don’t want that, and neither does Myriad! We have worked with countless business owners to enhance & enrich their little corner of the internet.

Is it time to give your website a facelift? Ask yourself these questions before starting any redesign:

  1. “What are the goals for my website?”
    • Your website can be an educational resource, a sales engagement tool, a marketplace of insights & ideas, and a space for client discussion & feedback. Setting a specific goal (user engagement, increased sales, more clients, etc) for your website at the onset helps focus everything else for the project.
  2. “Who is the decision maker on this project?”
    • The idiom “too many cooks spoil the broth” is never more true than with website design. Assigning one point person – at max 2 – to make decisions will help keep the project on track and within your budget.
  3. “What content needs updating?”
    • No matter what, content is king. Just the same as individuals change over time, so does your business. Your staff biographies, mission & vision statements, and client communications should reflect whatever phase your business is currently in.
  4. “What are my brand standards?”
    • Different colors & fonts can evoke different thoughts & emotions in your clients. Make sure to determine what feelings you want – and what feelings you don’t – your brand to inspire.
  5. “What is my budget & timeline?”
    • Not only practical from a cost standpoint, estimating your budget & timeline can help define the scope of your website redesign. You’ll keep your project from going off the rails and stick to a definitive launch date for your upgraded home on the internet!

From a streamlined user experience to tip-top SEO placement & management, contact Myriad to learn more about how we can redesign your website – or build you one from scratch!