Blogging: Routine Exercise for Your SEO

October 27th, 2022 | Abby Kruse King

When it comes to blogging, business owners have no shortage of excuses. Financial advisors especially!

  1. Myriad has heard them all:
  2. “I don’t have time”
  3. “I don’t know what I would talk about”
  4. “I’m not good with words”
  5. Well guess what? The Miholland Financial Group proved that’s just not true!
  6. When Milholland came to Myriad with the task of improving their SEO, one of our recommendations was - you guessed it - a blog. While they were worried about the time & content commitment, our specialists reminded them blogging is a lot like routine exercise - but for their SEO. While it’s a little tedious, starting is the hardest part and you never regret having done it!
  7. Milholland decided they could commit to a monthly blog of about 200 words. It took them just 20 minutes to write the blog and send it to us. Myriad was able to get the blog up on their website, with images, in less than an hour. Lightning fast! This hour was included in their monthly Advisor Club so it cost them $0!
  8. The very first time, they received numerous responses. One email from a client who needed to revisit their financial plan after they transitioned careers.
  9. The second month, they received even more responses, including one client who interacted with Milholland about an exciting career development.
  10. In both cases, the blog prompted client outreach that might not have happened otherwise. Not bad for 40 minutes!
  11. Check out Milholland’s blog to see how easy it can really be!