Content Tips for Financial Advisors

November 16th, 2022 | Nicole Toppin

You’re a financial advisor - NOT a social media manager. That’s understandable! Writing copy, making graphics, researching hashtags, keeping up with best practices would be unfeasible on top of your normal duties. Myriad is constantly at work with our Advisor Club members to help them their social media content. Here are some of the best content ideas we’ve found for 2023!

POST CONSISTENTLY - We recommended posting at least twice per month when you’re just starting out. Whether that be a poll, graphic, or a carousel - the more consistency, the better. Posting at least twice a month will help to build your brand and increase awareness around your business. Additionally, the more you post on social media, the more opportunities your brand has to rank in Search Engine Results.

CONTENT CALENDARS - This could include graphics for the week, month, or year. Ideally, creating a calendar for each month would prove to be the most beneficial. Content calendars help you stay efficient and organized. That way, when a certain day rolls around, you’re not scrambling to make content!

CONTENT LIBRARY - In addition to content calendars, having a content library can be extremely helpful. When you don’t have the time or feel like creating new content, you can just grab from your content library. That can be helpful links you’ve discovered, insightful posts, or a motivational picture you like. This can definitely save time and help you when you are in a pinch.

BATCH CONTENT - Creating content ahead of time can be a huge time saver. Think of it like ‘meal-prep’ for your social media. It can relieve the pressure of busy schedules and help you to stay ahead. To start, we suggest one day to brainstorm and create content for the week. Getting it done in one sitting versus spreading it out over the week is MUCH more efficient. In doing this, you will be able to stave off future headaches and waste less time!

Overall, having a digital presence is becoming increasingly important as your competitors are using social media to reach potential customers. With these simple tips, you can start picking up your content game. Still not crazy about any of this? We’ve got you! Myriad’s in house marketing team can help you devise a content improvement strategy. Even better, join Advisor Club and we’ll help provide everything we talked about above! Email to get started today!