Four Social Media Mistakes that Financial Advisors are Making

November 29th, 2022 | By Nicole Toppin

As a financial advisor, you have a million things on your plate. Between trying to run a business and focusing on the craft itself, it’s difficult to balance it all. The last thing you want someone to tell you is that your social media strategy isn’t working. However, social media plays a crucial role in the business world today. It’s critical you bring your A game! Start by avoiding the four mistakes that financial advisors make with social media.

They constantly promote themselves without adding value. Social Media Marketing is like a first date - if you spend too much time talking about yourself, there won’t be a second one. Of course, you should talk about yourself & your accomplishments to establish a connection and to show credibility…but you must also provide something of value. You have something they don’t - knowledge. Use your platform to educate them on common misconceptions, industry news, best practices, etc! You don’t have to give all your knowledge away, just a little taste so they can tell you know what you’re talking about.

They only share articles. While sharing articles that are helpful to your clients may seem clever, but only sharing that type of content gets boring. Articles are informative, but you want to include a variety of content that is both useful and engaging to clients. Mix it up every now and then by sharing other types of content like photos or videos.

They’re too professional. No one likes a stiff. But seriously, there is a time for being professional and a time for not being entirely professional. People enjoy having a balance every once and a while. Posting a personal picture or sharing a fun experience can be very endearing to your audience!

They don’t know their niche. The old saying “jack of all trades, master of none” absolutely applies to your social media strategy. Too many times, financial advisors try to juggle everything and reach everyone. By focusing on a smaller audience, you’ll be able to spread resources more evenly and make a deeper impact. You’ll bring in more customers who closely align with your business strategy. These are the type of customers you WANT, as they are the ones most likely to be loyal to your brand and business.

Navigating the social media realm can be hard sometimes. As with all things in life, there isn’t one specific way to be successful! If any of these mistakes resonate with you, don’t worry – Myriad is here to help! Email Abby at or call 515.850.1226 to discuss personal social media strategies to better serve your clients.