How Myriad Marketing Makes Sure Your Content Gets Past Compliance

July 22th, 2022 | Zack Gray

Looking to improve the marketing for your financial practice? Look no further than Myriad Advisor Solutions.

What many customers do not know about Myriad is that we are a 1-stop shop for independent financial advisors. One of the main factors that Myriad clients overlook is the dedicated marketing team that is ready at the drop of a hat to work for YOU! We provide a variety of services to business owners - everything from website redesigns to social media content calendars. With our in-house publicist, graphic designer, digital marketing specialist, and web developer, we are here to tackle your hardest projects.

As a marketing department, our job is to make life easier for you. We understand that advisors have a lot on their plate on a day-to-day basis and that marketing might not always be a priority. When the 2020 Investment Advisors Act passed, the SEC began enforcing marketing rules to level the playing field. Since this act was passed, one of the main concerns that a lot of our clients have is “How can we make sure that dealing with compliance is not a hassle?” Great news! Our team has lots of experience working with FINRA. To ensure that your marketing materials have the best chance of getting past compliance, our marketing team takes two main factors into account: imagery and content.

  • Imagery
    The old saying, “A picture is worth 1000 words” is never more true than in marketing. However, this also means certain images are frowned upon in the eyes of compliance. One of the things that we do to avoid getting content rejected is to avoid certain images that insinuate the growth of money. Dollar signs, up-arrows, and even images of cash are not allowed. By being aware of what we can’t use, this allows us more creative freedom in the images we CAN use. Our team uses images that not only provide the right message, but also do not attempt to mislead the consumer. You can lean on Myriad to know what the compliance limits are for the images you want to use in marketing!

  • Content
    When it comes to marketing, content is king. Whether it be the text on a LinkedIn post, a website homepage, or just self-written market commentary, everything written needs to go through compliance. Like imagery, there are certain words/types of language that need to be avoided to pass compliance. Promissory language is one of the biggest pet peeves of compliance. This type of language is prohibited by FINRA to protect the consumer and other financial advisors. Statements like “I guarantee you a 150% return within 6 months”, create an unrealistic expectation from the consumer and damages the reputation of other financial firms. To combat this, we make sure that all our created content employs effective marketing tactics while still using “softer” language that is more favorable with compliance. In addition to this, we understand what verbiage compliance likes to see. For example, one of the most frequent changes we make is replacing the phrase “financial planning” to “investment planning”. While this is a rather miniscule change, if you have 15x instances of ‘financial planning’ throughout the document, the time spent editing can really stack up! Advisors have enough to worry about on a day-to-day basis, and the phrasing of their marketing material should not be their main concern. That’s our job! We are extremely familiar with how compliance works, allowing you to focus on what you do BEST while we do the REST!

Now, after hearing all these great features, you might be thinking, “This all sounds great- but expensive. How much is this going to run me?” Well, good news! All these benefits and more are included in Advisor Club. With your 5 marketing hours per month, there are multiple ways to benefit from our top-of-the-line marketing team. Contact to get started today!