How to Use Your Advisor Club Hours

June 13th, 2022 | Luke Roth

Business owners know that their marketing, technology & human resources must be synchronized with their entrepreneurial needs to help – not hinder – their success. When they aren’t, the problems start compounding. Ill-timed technological outages, poor branding & marketing, and high turnover can negatively impact the trajectory and long-term success of your business. Myriad developed the Advisor Club to answer these pressing concerns.

The primary way members utilize Advisor Club is to access preferred pricing on everything from computer hardware to employee benefits. However, there are many additional ways an Advisor Club (AC) member can take advantage. Today we’re exploring how to utilize your AC hours for telecommunications, marketing, and human resources.

  1. Telecommunications – 5 Hours
    When someone who doesn’t work with Myriad has an unexpected phone outage, here’s a preview of their next steps:
    • Call generic help line -> likely wait on hold -> get misdirected through the automated attendant -> talk with a stranger who may be able to help

    When you work with Myriad, the process is much simpler:

    • Call Myriad, connect immediately with a rep who knows you and your business -> get a one-call resolution or an immediate escalation, where we stay in close contact until your problem is resolved.
  2. Advisor Club members primarily use Telecom hours for phone configuration and troubleshooting. Things like adding or updating a speed-dial, setting up a voicemail box, or the organization of your automated attendant system for your incoming phone calls. It can be as simple as changing the way your phone rings, or as in-depth as managing the mobile applications for your phone service. For example, many of our clients utilize the GoTo suite - if the app is having issues, WE will call the vendor and advocate on your behalf. Same for Internet Service Providers. When your internet goes out, we can help determine if it’s just you or a wider outage, and then coordinate the dispatch of technicians on your behalf when the situation calls for it!

  3. Marketing – 5 Hours
    AC members understand that if you aren’t moving forward with your marketing efforts, you’re losing ground to your competitors who are. Think of Superman & his ‘neverending battle’ – marketing is just something you must do constantly. We can help with everything from big-picture items help design and execute a direct mail campaign incorporated with digital elements all the way down to proofreading and polishing your 20-word LinkedIn post!
    Here's an overview of the projects we’ve worked on for Advisor Club members:

    • Monthly E-Newsletters
    • Practice Announcements
    • Digital & Print Advertisements
    • Social Media Campaigns
    • Website Redesign
    • Copywriting & Editing
    • Video Scripts
    • Client Correspondences
    • E-Mail Campaigns
    • Vibrant Graphics
    • Homepage Creation
    • Custom Projects

  4. Human Resources – 2 Hours
    With the labor market being what it is, managing your human resources is more important than EVER! We have a comprehensive bank of templated, up-to-date HR policies and procedures from the DOL & OSHA for both state and federal laws pertinent to your practice. Advisor Club members have access to greater purchasing power for employee benefits to enhance their competitiveness and business insurance to protect them from the unexpected loss of key employees. They also get discounted rates for items like resolving employee conflicts, strategy design for increased employee engagement, updating your handbook with policies & procedures, or helping coordinate your payroll. One of the best parts is you get to choose how to utilize your 2 hours for your organization’s maximum benefit!

There’s a lot of great facets and features about Advisor Club we didn’t even touch on here. To start utilizing your hours or to sign up for Advisor Club, e-mail!