More to Myriad – Meet Continuum Advantage

October 21st, 2021 | Luke Roth

What springs to mind when you hear the phrase ‘4th Quarter’? For some, pumpkin spice lattes, spooky season, turkey dinners and jingle bells might all be answers. For HR Professionals, 4th Quarter overwhelmingly means one thing: Open Enrollment. It’s no different at Myriad! You might recall Communication Experts, our sister company dedicated to giving businesses and entrepreneurs alike the ability to grow their business with access to community edge technology. Did you know that a full-service Human Resources firm has emanated out from Myriad as well? Powered by Human Resources professionals, Continuum Advantage aspires to serve as an extension of your team. Continuum’s primary focus is to help business owners reclaim their passion for what they do best by tackling HR hurdles posed by payroll and benefits administration as well as the development of flexible, yet compliant HR policies.

It is no secret the marketplace for human capital is extremely competitive these days. That is why Continuum utilizes a consultative approach designed to determine a fit between our services and your business needs. Continuum offers full-service HR services, along with Payroll, Benefits, Business Insurance and Recruiting for your business. They customize solutions with strategic partners to vitalize and protect your business from the uncertainty & risks associated with our ever-tightening regulatory environment.

Continuum Advantage also offers The Advantage Program™, a competitive all-in-one employment and benefits solution. Smaller businesses can utilize The Advantage Program™ to bolster their purchasing power and streamline their human resources with a simple one-stop solution that encompasses all their HR needs.

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