Staying Mindful About Cybersecurity

March 4th, 2022 | Myriad Advisor Solutions

It’s no secret that security is on everyone’s mind lately. Myriad Advisor Solutions can help reduce your anxiety about the world of cybersecurity so you can keep your mind on what you do best. We’ve gathered some tips for both your enterprise and personal cybersecurity!

  1. Isolate Games & Social Media to Your Personal Phone
  2. Ever had a conversation about a product or service, only to see an ad on your phone about it? Remember – if the service is free, you are the product. It’s important never to put in real information when signing up. Free phone games and social media platforms are always collecting data about their users – whether you’re using the application or not.

    Myriad can work with your practice to limit desktop access to these porous types of apps and webpages. As well, we can establish best practices for personal phone usage and train your staff on it.

  3. Always Mask Your IP Address
  4. VPN’s are becoming more and more ubiquitous because they provide a wide array of benefits. From accessing region-locked content on your streaming services, to protecting information like your social security number, VPNs can benefit both your professional and personal lives.

    Myriad works with our partner Cisco to provide AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client for all our clients' VPN needs'. If you haven’t already, we can seamlessly integrate it into your practice!

  5. Check Security Certificates for End Point Protection
  6. Many browsers will warn you in the event a website has a lapsed security certificate. Pay heed, especially if it’s an e-commerce website. Websites without proper end point protection are more susceptible to phishing than those that utilize security certificates.

    What about the security certificates on your small business’s website? Or your ransomware, malware & virus protection? Myriad can centralize these services for you AND provide comprehensive, ongoing support to keep you safe!

Unlike recent times, cybersecurity is something you may not always be thinking about. Connect with Myriad to learn how we can simplify the often-complicated world of cybersecurity!