Take Advantage of New SEC Rules with Myriad Marketing

January 24th, 2022 | Luke Roth

The latest buzz in financial advertising is all about the recent revisions to longstanding SEC rules regarding client testimonials. Incorporating client reviews into your social media and website can make your brand truly relatable to potential clients. Myriad Advisor Solutions has an in-house marketing agency to help you take advantage of these exciting changes.

While Myriad will always craft regulatory friendly content, please consult your Compliance department before making any changes!

  1. Reviews on Google My Business. Myriad can help you set up a Google My Business account where clients can leave short reviews about their experiences with your business. Not only does this improve SEO, but also guarantees anyone searching your business on Google will automatically see a good review.
  2. Identify Engagement Opportunities on Social Media Some clients love talking about their positive experiences online or engaging directly with their advisor on a social media platform. Our Digital Marketing Specialists can enhance your SEO by targeting opportunities to share great reviews or start a discussion with your clients.
  3. Create a Client Review Section on Your Website. Your webpage is your digital face to the world, so including positive client experiences is critical for prospects doing their research. Myriad has web development and content generation specialists to seamlessly build in your client’s positivity about your services!

These services are included in your 5 hours of Marketing support when you join Myriad’s Advisor Club. Advisor Club includes benefits like comprehensive technology support and on-demand HR expertise, call 515.850.1212 or e-mail to learn more!

Source: 5 Key Financial Advisor Marketing Opportunities Under the New SEC Marketing Rule – Twenty Over Ten